The Dragon's Egg

Making Peace on the Wreckage of the Twentieth Century

One of Kooga's Children

      Exploring the reconciliation of ethnic conflict, a group of American scholars, from the University of Virginia, have a charitable grant to offer any group of ten or more Russians and Estonians who can work together for a common goal.

      Twenty Russians and Estonians in Klooga seize the challenge and form a committee to convert a former Officers Club into a community centre for their children. If they can work together, they will get $50,000 to pay for the project. If they fail, they will slip back into the mire of ethnic strife, which has cursed the region for centuries.

Olga Kamoshan       One third of Estonia's people are Russian; most of them put there by Stalin. An Estonian says it's like having a dragon's egg laid in your nest: you wait in fear for it to hatch. The Russians in Klooga, an abandoned Soviet army base, are struggling to build a community with their new Estonian neighbours. Estonians would rather not give them citizenship, residence or even jobs; they wish they would go home.

      THE DRAGON'S EGG charts the journey of courageous people forging a future for themselves amidst the ruins of war.

About the film's Premiere…

Aarne Irv and Mait Prass       The film had its broadcast premiere on March 31st, 1999 on TVOntario and received critical reviews. Doug Saunders of The Globe and Mail captured the essence of the work when he wrote:

    Like all his (King's ) documentaries, this is about far more than its immediate subject; rather, it is a slow-paced drama, one that peers into some of the more troubling questions of human societies… Documentaries such as this are rare -…King has understood something important about the human condition: We are more ourselves when we are observed. Globe and Mail March 31, 1999

The American scholars, from the Center for the Study of Mind and Human Interaction at the University of Virginia, also screened the film at their Capstone Conference in April, where they reviewed and evaluated their community- building project in Klooga, Estonia. THE DRAGON'S EGG was lauded a success:

    The film is a model, not just for peace making in Estonia, but for areas in conflict around the world.    CSMHI Domestic and International Projects Website
      Further kudos from Tony Atherton of the Ottawa Citizen who writes, "THE DRAGON'S EGG, told entirely through the subtitled interviews and interaction of the main participants, delivers unforced drama." (31 March 1999)

Olga and Company Clean up the Community Centre       THE DRAGON'S EGG garnered King a Best Director nomination at the at the 1999 Hot Docs! Canadian International Documentary Festival and has since been nominated for two Gemini Awards.

      In March 1999, Allan king screened THE DRAGON'S EGG in Klooga, Estonia for the participants, and their community. The unique premiere was filmed, and is available on VHS through this web site, as THE DRAGON'S EGG: EPILOGUE. Please see our ORDER FORM for details

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