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Dying at Grace: A Film by Allan King

Allan King's latest work will premier in the Master Section of the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 8th, 2003. To downlad the PDF onesheet please click the link above. For more TIFF information please click HERE.

Allan King honoured with Canadian Retrospective at 2002 Toronto International Film Festival

"Allan King is a great artist"
                Jean Renoir
Allan King

      Acclaimed filmmaker Allan King has created a collection of award winning documentary and feature films. His distinguished body of work is an imperative for study at film schools and of great value to students of human behaviour.

     An innovative artist, King helped pioneer the technique of cinéma vérité. His further development of "actuality drama," the shaping of spontaneous action into dramatic form to explore personal experience, led to the production of some of the best documentaries ever made (Warrendale, A Married Couple, Who's in Charge?). His feature films include Who Has Seen the Wind one of the most successful Canadian movies ever produced.

     King's films are brilliant explorations of personal interaction, detailing the sometimes painful, often funny psychological and sociological aspects of the human condition. Retrospectives of his work have been shown in London, Rome, Montréal, and Toronto. He is currently producing and directing a number of fascinating projects and, as President of the Directors Guild of Canada, is a vigorous advocate of filmmakers' rights.

     The Collection is now available on VHS for purchase through this web site. For more information on the films and a biography, please click on the icons.

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