Allan King honoured with Canadian Retrospective at 2002 Toronto International Film Festival

      The 27th Toronto International Film Festival honoured director/producer Allan King with nine programmes featuring eighteen of his works, curated by Seth Feldman, Professor, Department of Film & Video, York University.

      'Canada is recognized worldwide as a leading force in documentary filmmaking, and Allan King's contribution to the development of the documentary tradition is immense,' says Piers Handling, the Festival's Director. 'He is without question, one of the most important filmmakers in Canada.'

      King's contribution to Canadian cinema is further recognized with the publication of a new book, ALLAN KING, edited by Seth Feldman, launched at this years' Festival.

      Canadian Retrospective highlights included: SKIDROW, Kings first major work and one of the world's first cinéma vérité films, capturing candid interviews with homeless men of Vancouver's gritty east side; WARRENDALE,King's award-winning first 'actuality drama'; A MARRIED COUPLE, the critically acclaimed portrait of Billy and Antoinette Edwards as they battle and try to reconcile their marriage; WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND?, an adaptation of W.O. Mitchell's classic Canadian novel, marking King's introduction to the dramatic feature; and WHO'S IN CHARGE?, King's controversial document of a conference in which he brought together 30 unemployed Canadians to discuss their plight. Controversy later arose when a number of the subjects went to court to block the airing of the film.

     The Collection is now available on VHS for purchase through this web site. For more information on the films and a biography, please click on the icons.

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Warrendale Termini Station The Dragon's Egg
A Married Couple Who Has Seen The Wind

Download a Summary of Allan King's Work (Adobe PDF Format, 300 Kb)

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