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    Creative vision is the overriding criterion for participation in the Documentary Studio and in the films that will be created for the series The Inner Eye.

    Each filmmaker will not be merely be permitted to make her film from her own inner eye and the vi-sion it provides, they will be more than encouraged to do so. It will be demanded of each film and filmmaker. This is not a matter of seeking eccentricity or personal indulgence but searching for the uttermost perception, thought and feeling that the filmmaker can bring to bear on his field of explora-tion and discovery.

    A model would be that of the Creative Persons series Who Is…? which Allan King Associates pro-duced in the late sixties for BBC, Bayerishe Rundfunk, CBC and PBS. The unifying ‘brand’ of the series was precisely its promise of originality, of surprise…of the promise that each show in the series might, not always but just might show you a subject in a way you had never seen before. Moses Znaimer thought it perhaps the most original series he had ever seen when it was previewed to him 1967 and Bob Fulford still remembers to this day, 3 September 2002, the film on British pop painter Richard Smith as does Martin Knelman, whose favourites were Will the Real Norman Mailer Please Stand Up? and Sonny Rollins.

    In essence our promise to the audience is to show them something new, different, fresh and original each time out.

    Please visit the Documentary Studio website for more information at:

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